Quotes from the witch trials

One of the things I enjoy about the witch trials is the great quotes that come from the documents.  One of my intentions for this blog is to include posts listing some great quotes in between longer, more researched posts so consider this the first of a series.

(Note- the spelling in this series of posts have been corrected for easier reading)

“A false tongue will never make a guilty person.” -Susanna Martin

“You tax me for a wizard, you may as well tax me for a buzzard I have done no harm.” -George Jacobs Sr.

“Satan’s design was to set up his own worship, abolish all the churches in the land, to fall next upon Salem and so go through the country.” -William Barker Sr.

“I never saw the Devil’s book nor knew that he had one.” -Ann Pudeator

“I do not know that the devil goes about in my likeness to do any hurt.” -Sarah Osborne

Rosenthal, Bernard, ed. Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

3 comments on “Quotes from the witch trials

  1. Can wish I had known you were in Salem two years ago. Seventeenth Century Mass is one of my topics. Suggest you also contact Professor K. Goss at Gordon College. He has just finished a book on Everyday Life during the Witchcraft Trials. He also compiled a book on about 100 documents from the trials. I was his primary researcher.
    Did you know that there were trials for witchcraft prior to 1692 in Essex County? I have found references to a Gloucester man who keeps accusing people in the area of witchcraft. These cases are tried by the local court, sitting in Ipswich. Since he cannot prove “Malefic Witchcraft” actually put upon him, the defendants are let go, and he has to make public apologies, and pay fines. I will track down the original source of this information.
    Understanding the trials is not an easy one, as even those who were involved or lived at that time. It’s even harder for those who are looking at it from the future. As with all history, you can only understand it in the times in which the event took place.
    If I can be of any service to you, let me know


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