Research Update

I just want to leave a post about the research I’m working on right now.  This current semester I am taking a course on Digital History and with the help of my professor Dr. Diane Cline, I am working on a social network analysis of the Salem Witch Trials. Social Network Analysis, SNA, looks at the relationships of individuals and graphs those connections for a visual representation of that data. By using NodeXL, I can create an image that represents the relationships.  Here is an example:GraphImage

Each dot represents one person and each line connecting a dot represents a relationship between the person.  What I have graphed here is the relationships represented in the Arrest Warrant of Sarah Good and the Arrest Warrant of Sarah Osborne and Tituba, just two documents!  I am very excited about this project and will be spending a lot of time working on it, and as college life allows me, I will include posts here- there are some posts being finalized for this month.


I am also working on a paper for a class on English history 1550-1750 and my topic is witchcraft in print culture, so in the future I will post a little more about that as start developing a thesis for it.


-Bernard Rosenthal, Records of the Salem Witch-hunt, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

-Smith, M., Milic-Frayling, N., Shneiderman, B., Mendes Rodrigues, E., Leskovec, J., Dunne, C., (2010). NodeXL: a free and open network overview, discovery and exploration add-in for Excel 2007/2010, from the Social Media Research Foundation,

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  1. My name is James Kences, I have pursued the interpretation of the influence of the Indian war upon the witchcraft, and have published two articles, in 1984 and in 2001, in Essex Institute Historical Collections and Maine History. I would be interested in a discussion of several topics.

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