Quotes from the Witch Trials

“I will say it, if it was my last time, I am clear of this sin.” -Mary Easty

“Humbly craving continually your prayers and help in this distressed case, -so, praying Almighty God continually to prepare you, that you may be a terror to evil-doers.” -Thomas Putnam

“The Devil has my consent, & goes & hurts them.” -Abigail Hobbes

“I am as innocent as the child unborn.” -Bridget Bishop

“The said Rachel [Clinton] took up a stone and threw it towards me and it fell short three or four yards from me and so came rolling to me, and just touched the toe of my shoe and presently my great toe was in a great rage as if the nail were held up by a pair of pinchers.” -Thomas Knowlton Jr.

Rosenthal, Bernard, ed. Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

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