Hi. I’m Dan.  I am a student at the George Washington University where I study history and political science.  My interest in the Salem Witch Trials began in Summer 2011 when a relative showed me the connections between my family and the events of 1692; I am descended from John and Rebecca Putnam.  That Fall I began studying Salem for a history project in my AP US History class.  I showed the project at the regional National History Day competition where I received the Essex National Heritage Award for a local history topic.  From that point, my research into the subject became an independent side project, and I spent Summer 2014 as a tour guide in Salem putting my knowledge of the city to use.  I’ll spend the summer 2016 working at the Witch House and 1630 Pioneer Village.

This blog began out of my years of independent research as many family and friends took note of my rapidly growing interest. In 2014, One of my cousins challenged me to post a daily fact about the Salem Witch Trials. Although sometimes I fell behind, I posted 365 facts to a Facebook page that I ran, and it gave an overview of the entire history of the Salem hysteria.  Now that I’ve completed that challenge, I want to continue a similar idea but with more opportunity to go in-depth into an aspect of the history and write longer pieces of research instead of short blurbs.

My plan is to research aspects that I want to look into and post about them in a way to share information that doesn’t work as well through Facebook.  Here I’ll post about my current interests in Salem as time allows (my professors want me to prioritize my actual coursework) while also trying to provide a history of the events.

Find the Facebook page here- http://www.facebook.com/salemwitchtrialfacts

Follow on Twitter @SWTresearch

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